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Our Independent Advantage



As an independently managed firm, we can offer a unique advantage that others can not. We are able to cater you financial plan and investment options to you. We do not have to worry about shareholders or corporate earnings we only have to worry about you our client.  Instead of catering your financial plan towards a corporate recommended investment, we can cater your plan to YOU.

We have the ability to look at a wide variety of investment options that are available and offer the ones that we feel suites our clients needs. We do not have any proprietary products and offer many different investment vehicles to help in a solutions based strategy. We look at several different factors and show options that have varying levels of risk, cost, liquidity and benefits so the clients get to choose what they are most comfortable with.

Essentially, it gives us the support and knowledge base of all vendors that we deem to be in the best interest to YOU. 

As financial professionals we are part of a greater team that provide advice and solutions for various aspects of your financial life.  We work with other professionals that are specialists in specific areas of investment. These relationships include but are not limited to:

- CPA's

- Bookkeepers

- Lawyers & Attorneys

- Estate Fiduciaries

- Money Managers

- Mutual Fund Portfolio Managers

- Insurance Companies

- Life and Disability Underwriters

Communication with various professionals involved in your life is essential in succeeding in any financial plan. We can either work with your current "allies" or recommend one that we have an existing relationship with if it fits your unique situation and needs.

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