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Who We Serve

<strong>GLOBE WEALTH MANAGEMENT'S&#160;clients resemble the following types of people:</strong>

GLOBE WEALTH MANAGEMENT'S clients resemble the following types of people:

  • People that are currently investing for retirement and want a plan to save enough funds for them to live on once they enter the next phase in their lives.
  • People who are retired and want to establish an income stream for life.
  • Parents/Grandparents etc. who would like to save for the special children in their lives, future educational needs.
  • Young people that are taking the reins and planning early for their retirement needs.
  • Investors that want to grow their wealth and invest using a strategic investment process.
  • Job changers that have an IRA's or a 401(k) with a prior employer.
  • People that have multiple IRA's at different locations.
  • Families that are organizing their investments to more easily track and evaluate portfolios.
  • Families who are doing Estate Planning for the passing of their assets.