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Why Choose Us

Anyone who has even considered financial planning has seen how complicated it can be. There are simply too many variables to learn about and utilize properly in order to achieve your goals. Once you consider salary, inflation, federal & state taxes, insurance, assets, liabilities, interest rates, various investment vehicles, tax strategies, estate planning, and so on and so forth – most can be too overwhelmed to make any sense of the information.  That’s where GLOBE WEALTH MANAGEMENT can make a difference by utilizing Holistic Financial Planning, together!

There are endless financial services companies who handle various aspects of the financial planning process. You may have a retirement plan through an employer, hold investments in a separate account, have an education plan for your child, and hold a mortgage with a bank. All of these various financial components are operating completely independent of one another. They also, unfortunately, do not all have the end goal of your financial success in mind. Holistic Financial Planning solves these issues by allowing us to take all of the “pieces of the puzzle” and to establish a strategy allowing you to pursue financial success. After establishing your strategy, we are here to make any modifications to the plan as time goes on and your goals evolve.

In today’s financial environment it is more important than ever to utilize financial planning.  It is all too often that people think they are okay because they have a pension coming from their employer or they make contributions to their employer’s financial plan only to fall short of their financial goals.  

Common Mistakes:
  • Overestimating growth of savings
  • Not insuring against accidents
  • Thinking that social security will cover your retirement
  •  Not having a succession plan for your small business
  • Underestimating the effect of taxes on your finances
  • Underestimating expenses as you age – especially medical
  •  Investing in undiversified or poorly managed portfolio
  • The list continues…
Many want to at least be able to support themselves for the remainder of their life. We agree, but would encourage you to set goals that will bring you closer to the success you dream of. If it is possible, then we will proudly help you plan in order to reach the best solution for you! Ultimately, it is all about you and your success. Becoming a client of ours mean that you have formed a strategic alliance that will last your entire life and beyond. Making the move towards your financial success is one that you will appreciate even more as time moves forward.  

One last piece of advice would be to take hold of your own future and contact us to set up a meeting about your future financial success!